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Building Surveyors

Investment and purchase of property

The purchase of buildings, whether for commercial, industrial, leisure or residential use, demands sound decision making and careful investigation in order to secure the best deal and investment.

Buildings exist in many forms, from large impressive multi-storey blocks down to single and two storey dwellings. There is a great diversity of building materials and construction techniques and it is essential that professional and accurate advice should be obtained.

ACCL provide a range of cost effective acquisition, building and home-buyer surveys which will identify building defects and the need for specialist investigation, potential problems and highlight future maintenance liabilities to provide the purchaser with all the information required to negotiate the best deal, make or withdraw an offer and fully understand the future liabilities and risks.

Maintenance, Alterations and Repairs

Whether you are the landlord, tenant or owner occupier, it is essential to ensure that buildings are properly maintained to ensure their overall use and effectiveness.

Property repairs cannot be avoided at times, however a systematic approach to preventative maintenance works is preferable and more cost effective than undertaking urgent remedial actions to repair a leaking roof or replace a defective window.

All building materials, installations and components require some form of ongoing maintenance or have a useful design life; but these can vary from several years for some components to many decades for others. It is crucial to understand, from year to year, what maintenance and repair liabilities may occur and what preventative actions should be planned.

Annual repair and maintenance budgets can be more accurately forecast and essential repair works can be planned, tendered and undertaken when required, rather than when damage has been caused.

The range of Building surveyor Services

Our range of Building Surveyor services has been designed accordingly. All our Building Surveyors have sound construction knowledge and many years of experience to enable building faults and defects to be identified, accurately diagnosed and effective solutions developed.

Our range of services include:

  • Home buyer surveys
  • Acquisition and building surveys
  • Schedules of condition
  • Schedules of dilapidations
  • Structural surveys
  • Building defects diagnosis
  • Asbestos surveys and reports
  • Advice on building alterations:
    • Preparation of drawings
    • Local Authority approvals
    • Contractor appointment
    • Supervision of building works
    • Settlement of accounts
  • Development of maintenance plans:
    • Planned works
    • Preventative actions
    • Annual budgets
  • Non-compliance surveys
  • Boundary disputes
  • Fire risk assessments

We will be pleased to provide further information, guidance or clarification of any of the above services.

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