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Abbey CDM Database

Provision of Health and Safety Information

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM 2007 and CDM 2015) place on the Client the duty of ensuring that all the information required to plan and carry out construction work in safety is available to everyone who needs it.

With even simple jobs often involving several contractors and subcontractors the time and cost involved in issuing and reissuing documents to include the latest information can be daunting.

The Abbey CCL CDM Database simplifies the entire procedure. In fact simplicity is at the heart of the process, because if the system isn't simple it won't be used, which protects the Client from risk of prosecution and helps maintain the safety of construction workers in jeopardy.

The database can be thought of as a Filing Cabinet on the web, where anyone who needs Project Safety Information can access the most up to date version through their web browser 24/7.

Passwords and access controls ensure that only authorised people may see only the information they need.

The CDM 2015 Regulations require that a Health and Safety File (or folder) is opened at the start of the design phase of a project, and is maintained throughout, and that a Health and Safety File is produced at the end of the project. The web database is the ideal accessible tool for CDM compliance.

Project Management

Other information can be shared in the same way. Drawings, specifications, meeting minutes, and Tender Documents. Almost any electronic document related to the running of a construction project can also be uploaded.

With the increasing availability and use of mobile internet services the days of not having a document to hand can be over!

Having the information available is of little use if you are unable to view it because you don't have the right software on your computer. Abbey supports the use of open and standard formats to ensure that anyone who needs to can open the documents. Our team of Business Information specialists will provide every assistance with this.

Easy to Use

Using the database requires no special training - information is presented in folders exactly as on your computer. To obtain a copy of a file just click it and then click the download button.

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