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Abbey Property Management Database

Property Management Made Easy

There are many Property Management products on the market today and most of them have four features in common:

  • They have an extensive array of features, and could be used to address many aspects of property management
  • Because of their complexity, they are not easy to use and require operator training
  • Frequently they can only be accessed from your offices, not in the field
  • Staff frequently do not use them because it takes up too much time and the information becomes out of date

Our system is built around the principle of simplicity. Our system won't remind you that the wiring needs inspecting, or calculate the net rental income.

It is as easy to use as your computer, and is available to most internet enabled devices with a web browser, any time day or night.

It doesn't try to do everything - just what you need.

Impact of CDM 2007 and CDM 2015

There is a great deal of information (Fire Risk Assessments and Plans, Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans, Electrical and Gas Safety certificates, Building Operation Manuals, Drawings and Plans and more) that must be supplied to contractors undertaking work to which CDM 2007 and CDM 2015 applies, which includes all construction and maintenance work.

It is our belief that the main purpose of a Property Management database is to make all that information available to the people who need it, when they need it.

We can provide a user name and password to anyone who requires access to the information held on the database to carry out work related to the property, and access controls ensure that they can only see the information they require to do thier job.

Easy to Use

Using the database requires no special training - information is presented in folders exactly as on your computer. To obtain a copy of a file simply click it and then click the download button.

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